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Welcome to Western Kentucky TEC


When I made tec... it changed my life... I know have spent over 250 hours on the tec movment... even more on this website :/ so anyone know something to say here?




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“TEC was a turning point in my life. I realized everything that I thought was so important, really wasn’t, and I let God in...now He is number one in my life.” - Josh T



TEC was a weekend where I was able to discover different things about myself and deepen my relationship with God. It was awesome!”   - Ellen K



"I learned a lot on TEC and feel like I’ve grown stronger in my faith. I’m going to continually tell people to come and experience it for themselves.” ----Sam R


“(At TEC) I always felt God’s presence in every activity and person around me. I left the

weekend feeling ‘high on God’ and I would go back again.” --Jill T

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I had an awesome time on my TEC weekend. I met lots of great people and I really did deepen my faith life. I'm so glad I had people encourage me to go on this retreat. I would recommend TEC to anyone who wanted to meet like-minded people, dig deeper into their faith and have fun at the same time. My favorite part of tec was my small group, we didn't know each other at the time but after the weekend I felt like I knew them my whole life! I will never forget the skit we tried to do and our small group activities!!

Corey Elder TEC 164 Small group "RARW"

Corey Elder TEC 164 Small group "RARW"